The Manifest

I am the stone that the builder refused.

A promise of what’s to come.
I’ll remain a soldier till the naked war is won.

-a protestor from USA


Every Woman is a RIOT and this is a sextremist’s OUTCRY to inspire.

There will be millions of us!

You are your own leader. You are your own hero.

The famous topless group is all about collective synergy, not ego or stardom.

As a Sextremist, you will be, most of the time, accused, rejected by your entourage or attacked mentally and physically (by men and by women).

People will laugh at you, people will humiliate you, people will blame you.

The only thing you have to remember is that no matter what, you are a survivor.

You are never scared, never used, never broken.

Be careful who you trust.

Betrayal is the most powerful gun.

Do not lose your time explaining the way you walk in this world.

Just do what you believe in.

Do not take anti-depressive drugs.

Doing what you do will make you cry sometimes and feel empty inside, this doesn’t mean you’re crazy or mentally ill.

Resistance is always some kind of madness.

A Sextremist is just a person who feels more, who understands more, who has the courage to sacrifice herself in order to bring some truth to this world.

Go where the media doesn’t want to go.

This is the main goal for sextremism and a reason for our activism to exist.

Sextemists Warriors appear where the mainstream media fear ā€” or is too lazy ā€” to tread.

The Naked War that we talk about is also a war where we make the invisible visible.

We strip down pretensions and make hypocrisy naked for all to see, along with all the lying and all the manipulation of the 1%.

We make their masks fall.

Our sisters are not only in Yemen, Nigeria, and India, our sisters are also the women who live next you.

They don’t need action from you…

…but they do need compassion, respect, morality and ethics.

Read more about history.

If you want to talk about matriarchy, you need to know what it was.

Do not feel shame when somebody calls you a whore or comments on your breasts.

Whatever they think you are, it is not who you really are.

Respect your own heart and your own wisdom.

Never be afraid of scandal.

It’s all about the fun to LIVE.

Remember all the women and men who committed themselves to this battle before you came into the picture.

Revolution always eats it’s own children.

Make mistakes, they will say everything about you.

Do no harm, but take no shit.

We are rebels.

We never follow the rules.

Creativity is your most powerful weapon.

Irony, self-mockery, comedy tricks, acting performances, humility, undercover jobs, laughter, boldness are your most effective tools to win this battle.

Aggressiveness we use as Femen sextremists is only a performance.

Don’t argue with the cops.

Just do your show.

The show must go on no matter what.

When you finish your action, stop yelling, say thank you.

Those in positions of authority, who you have challenged with your nudity, will be pissed, but you’ll be right.

You are all beautiful when you’re angry at your enemies, but love is the answer to it all.

We’re all in this shit together.
Some of us have much more to loose.

You’re spokeswomen for the forgotten, for the poor, for the oppressed.

You’re an outcry that some people need so badly in this motherfucking world.

You breastfeed the revolution.

You can be alone and still start a riot. Your body will learn that.

Don’t think about the money.
Money is the evil of this world.

UNITE!!! Humanity needs that. Women need that.

By breaking feminists, by dividing activists, we loose the power.

Women’s Liberation is all about UNITY.

Sextremist one day. Sextremist forever.
Never forget that.

Your social views will change; Sextremism will make you see what you never saw before, but being a Sextremist is not like playing a role in a movie.

It’s your life and you have only one in this world.

It is not a game, it is not a joke, it is not a photoshoot.

It’s a reality-show to remember.

It’s a full-life commitment.

It’s a sacrifice.

It’s a battle.

It’s a victory.


Artist: Oksana Schachko


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