A straight talk with the founder of FEMEN in North America – Xenia Sin (Chernyshova) for frenchspeaking audience.  

  1. What is the difference between sextremism and feminism
  2. How #FEMEN became the creators of a new contemporary art and why they are the followers of the Artistic Actionism?
  3. Why a « slavic blond girl » is automatically related to prostitution?
  4. Why the collapse of the Soviet Union contributed to the massive exploitation of female sexuality?
  5. Why sextremism is a phenomenon that has inspired new movements such as #SlutWalk and #FreeTheNipple?
  6. Why Femen wishes for women to rise up from an historical lethargyin other words from a painful condition of women’s humiliation?
  7. Why do different patriarchal religions destroyed the « sacred feminine »?
  8. Why showing your breasts in a movie or in porn – becomes the path to glory, but showing your boobs for political ideas and social change – makes you automatically a social outcast?
  9. Why do men have the right to have sex, but women only to sell or give their sexual consent?
  10. Why female sexuality is used as the manner of stigmatizing women? 

Xenia addresses all these issues as well as the questions about faith, women in immigration, the collapse of family values, the sentimental independance and the reason why sextremism is the philosophy that could unite all women as a way of empowerment and a possible way to take back their sexuality.


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