Xenia Sin wrote on 12th of October 2016:

Just to let everybody know: my facebook will be eventually closed. Probably. Those who commit crimes will block me. That’s the game they play: making people shut up. Freedom of expression doesn’t exist. Only if it works for a political hidden agenda that will help out somebody who already has all the power. Censorship is always a ghost for every artist. If you judge my posts, you chose the wrong target. I’m only a messanger. Don’t shoot the ONE who brings you information. I talk publicly about sex industry. As an activist, as a mother, as an artist, I have the right to show you what you don’t want to see. Hypocrasy is not my value. So, if you follow me remember this: FEAR IS ILLEGAL and EVERY WOMAN IS A RIOT. #xfemen#pinkghetto #givingupisnotanoption #sextremism #feminism #riot #sexism

Men, please remember the women you loved or paid to love/fuck them. Please do this for the society. Please remember what men do TO women and what women do FOR men. The difference might be there in this naked war that #femen started to expose. I think that as #men you have enough #wisdom and a fucking brain that can guide you to feel the reality of the situation.

Political Playgirl is not a movie about lust or sex or politics. The project has a simple goal: explore a new form of porn art that could change men’s and women’s attitudes in their sexual experiences at their deepest neurobiological level. At the end of the day, you will just come harder but with respect. #stella #sexwork #sexisnotacrime #whoreactivism



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