POLITICAL PLAYGIRL is a fiction based on the true story of an Anonymous hacker who is forced to sell her sexual services. 

Her fight and her paradox is to survive in a world that is totally WHOREPHOBIC, yet completely WHOREPHILE.

The movie was shot and produced in very risky circumstances in Montreal and New York. The director, Xenia Sin, the creator of FEMEN in North America, did an undercover job in order to infiltrate the sex industry, high-class escorting services, middle class prostitution and very dangerous gang infiltration in Canada and United States.


  • The short-film tells the fight of a stubborn erotic performer from New York City: ROXANNE PARÉE. Spiritual and deeply political, she tries to win her one and only lover back, the father of her son and ex-member of MS-13 gang. It’s a story of a poor young woman who everybody wants to have sex with, but nobody cares about.
  • She tries to change the sex industry system, one john at a time. She sleeps with her political ennemies trying to reach their hearts. Ironically, her clients treat her better than the man of her dreams and the father of her child.
  • Her key to freedom and joy is disobedience in every aspect of her life. Sex for her is a common prayer and she searches for respect. Even if prostitution is an everyday oppression for her body and soul, she uses her sexual skills to gain more power and dignity.


  • The story of Roxanne Parée articulates the struggle, the anger and the beliefs of many WHORES around the world. Sex business is not only about making money out of women sex-appeal or nudity, but also about putting the BLAME on women. Being topless, stripping, gogo dancing or having sex for money becomes something DIRTY and NASTY, in one word: BAD. People want to BUY what is forbidden, shameful and BAD. People judge and still consume, which is a paradoxe.
  • Your donation can really make this story come to screen and spread some truth/transparency about sex work. Social crowd funding is a new way to promote and finance art by staying independent and preserve an artist’s creative freedom.


  • The movie was shot in October in New York City during the political american debate between Clinton and Trump with a new technological system (Camera DJI OSMO x5r), with non-professional actors (except the lead actress) in a guerrila style filmmaking.
  • The shooting of the short-film was produced by sex workers and clients, also by Joe Marrano, a construction worker based in New York City and by two crowd-funding campaigns.



  • The XFEMEN PRODUCTIONS company still needs money for the post-production needs. Your donation will give you a unique opportunity to participate in a one of a kind project that is made to support an organisation that helps women and men recover after sexual slavery and sexual abuse experiences. The organisation is based in Montreal: La maison de Mélanie. It was created by Mélanie Carpentier, the writer of I WAS A SEX SLAVE autobiography. More information here (in french):


The movie is dedicated to all women who perform erotic labour:

For Tina, Juna, Leilah, Daniella, Ivanna.

To all women who survived:

For Mélanie Carpentier.

To all women who killed themselves:

For Nelly Arcan.

To all women who became an inspiration:

For Yana Zhdanova and Crystal Brooks.

… and to all women who fuck the system…

For Roxanne Parée.

… and specially for all moms who need to work as sex providers aroud the world in order to feed the baby… this short-film is for you…




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