The Dreamgirl doesn’t exist, cause nobody loves her. She is what we call her: a DREAM.

One day, I met a dreamgirl, a wonderful smart woman who lost the custody of her child because she needed to work as a GOGO DANCER and as a PLAYBOY MODEL after her painful divorce with the man she loved. I don’t want to describe her, cause she can speak up for herself. My only wish would be that more women and men would listen to her, instead of ignoring her or jerk off on her photos.

I asked her simple questions based on the question I ask to any woman who is a feminist, a sextremist, a stripper or a sex worker. It starts with: As a PLAYBOY MODEL and as a GOGO DANCER, what did you learn:

  1. on YOURSELF
    I learned that most if not all people don’t accept it. It’s looked down upon. On the other hand the ones that do, just want to hear the stories and take you at face value. Your labelled, and in this day in age, it follows you. It is also powerful, your looked at differently, which as it’s pros and cons. Men are scared of you and women don’t want you anywhere around you. But when you walk on that stage and you really don’t care what people think and just perform, either on a photo shoot or stage it’s freeing. To do what you love is peace. 
  2. on MEN
    Lol I haven’t learn much about men, to me 99.99 % would NOT want to date a playboy or a go go dancer. They like the thought about it or the fantasy of it, but that’s about it. Your not looked on as a person but as object. 
  3. on WOMEN
    With women it can go either way, when I was a go go dancer I’ve never had a problem, many applauded my bravery. 
  4. on MONEY
    The modelling world is not for anyone that wants a steady pay check! It’s a hard industry, go go dancing was easy once I was in shape and if the economy is good, it can be a fairly good job to make ends meet. The night life is hard, and I found to be living vampire hours. 
    One has to use common sense, if it doesn’t feel right trust your gut. I only worked with photographers that were recommended or I met before a shoot and I trusted my gut. Working as a go go dancer was safe, the clubs had rules, and security. Again common sense, be aware of your surroundings and watch and make sure your never followed. 
  6. on HEALTH
    I’ve almost always been thin so I didn’t have to workout out, I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve always accepted that I’m not perfect and in knowing that there’s always photo shop to fix imperfections.
    Of course this will always exist, everyone judges, if your not hurting yourself or other, live and let live…
  8. on SEX
    Well sex, myself I always wanted to be in a relationship before. But sometimes it’s hard to find someone that would accept you and sees you as you and not an object. So I myself am waiting to find someone I can get to know, I’m still waiting… 
    I’ve been single for 5 years, no relationships, is this because of playboy? Maybe maybe not. It’s ones choice to reveal what you want. Myself I try to keep that part of my life hidden, I haven’t gotten great reviews.
  10. on AGING
    I became playboy miss social pretty late on my life, I was 33. I’ve never had plastic surgery, and am fine with aging. At the end of the day it how you treat people that makes them like you, and if they don’t because you have a wrinkle then you probably don’t need to be their friend in the first place. 

    What would you like to say to younger women? 
    Be careful what you post on social media, it’s there forever, and don’t use your real name. If you chose to get into the industry chances are you won’t be there forever and you don’t want your future bosses googling you! 
    What would you like to say to older women? 
    With age comes wisdom, and a wise woman makes herself happy, after that then is when she’s strong to look after everyone else in her lives. And it’s never too late to dream. 
    What would you like to say to younger men? 
    Don’t push away the ones that really care for you for the fantasy, cause the fantasy isn’t real. Were all just people trying to survive.
    What would you like to say to olden men? 
    The young girl isn’t going to make you feel alive, you already are.




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