I’m an actress. I observe and I play. This is my profession.

Also, I fight for women’s rights and analyze human behaviour.

I’m submitted on one side.

I’m indomitable on the other.

I’m blocked on my path.

Because I do not fit the norm.

Being different made me see this one particular fact:

You can’t divide women in two.

Society does.

Mothers and Whores.

Virgins and Sluts.

Young and Old.

Subservient and Useless.

Beautiful and Ugly.

Wifes and Illicit Lovers.

Angels and Witches.

Normal Women and Feminists.

Good Girls and Bad Girls.

You can’t divide women.

Nobody is perfect.


Unfortunately, it’s necessary to devide us (women) to maintain the system.

Patriarchy and Phallocraty designed it this way.

Play by the rules, Choose your role or Be Out of the game.

Guards are watching your every single step in this game.

Mothers, sisters and girlfriends will tell you how to behave to survive in this men’s world.

Fathers, brothers and boyfriends will punish you for your every independent step.

THE GAME IS CRUEL. IT’S A BLOODY SHOW. Just the way men like it. IT’S A NAKED WAR.

Tragically, it’s all about who will dominate who.

Who will FUCK who?

Tell me, babe.


I will also divide women.

I can be a patriarch too.

I will devide them not in two, but in four.

Just to complicate things better.

I see FOUR types of women:

1 – The Ones who OBEY to the rules of the GAME.

2- The Ones who COMPROMISE and NEGOCIATE with the SYSTEM.

3- The Ones who USE, who MANIPULATE, who PLAY with this SETUP.

4- The Ones who RESIST and FIGHT this illogical and unfair ORDER who only serves those who already have the power and a free choice of being in control of their GAME.

I learned all this in one special professional field: SEX INDUSTRY.


I decided to TALK ABOUT IT.

I decide to create this one of a kind project: POLITICAL PLAYGIRL.

POLITICAL PLAYGIRL is programmed to be a REVOLUTION in this phallocratic game.


I know it’s not something that the system wants me to spread.

I know it will make an impact.

My only goal is to obtain (even if it will take my blood, sweat and tears) the unopposable respect towards women who PERFORM EROTIC LABOUR.  Meaning ALL WOMEN.

ALL OF US do it one way or another.

So, in one sentence:




It’s a project that follows a sextremist ideology and a new contemporary philosophy that seeks to make visible an insurgent female sexuality. A sexuality that is neither passive nor lascivious nor advertising.

With this project I became my own Carrie from Sex and the City, asking myself question after question:

  • If I sleep with him will he respect me? Will he want to see me again?
  • Should I pay for myself even if I have much less money than him just to be sure he gets to know that I’m not using him?
  • If I was the BEST SEX of his life and he keeps on coming back to see me, why I’m the other woman and not his girlfriend?
  • Why even if I don’t like the sexual act I’m living, why do I still fake just to make sure the guy is happy?
  • Why if I talk about sexuality people judge me?
  • Why so many men consume sexuality as if it was a huge market and NOT a sentimental and physical need?
  • Why I’m ashamed to pay for sex and men don’t? Why I will never beg a man to fuck me and men will always beg me?
  • Why uknown men send me their dick pics in a massive attack on facebook?
  • Why a guy who liked me raped me to punish me for my guts and boldness?
  • Why if I talk too much about politics or economy, men are scared to fuck me?
  • Why if I look dumb and use my Russian accent, they get all aroused like I’m the beer they need to have after a long shift on a hot summer day?
  • Why SO MANY MEN are bad in bed?
  • Why men watch that much porn openly or in secret? Why they never have respect for the women they jerk off on?
  • Why my thinking disturbs so many men? Why they get angry on me?
  • Why MEN ARE ASHAMED of their sexual needs?
  • Why men PAY FOR SEX? What do they need?
  • Why sex makes me feel bad, dirty and sad? Even if I love the guy?
  • Why men always want to make me SHUT THE FUCK UP and PUT THEIR DICK IN MY MOUTH?
  • Why smart women fuck dumb men?
  • Why I defend women that much? Why it became my life mission?

Asking too many questions is not a TURN ON.

Sadly, most of the men I interviewed who were clients (the ugly truth is that those men are your fathers, your brothers, your oncles, your boyfriends, your husbands and your sons) used sex just to make sure that their woman still remembers her social position: just a female who needs to be fucked and who will be fucked. Orgasms didn’t really matter. If the woman can fake them or even squirt a bit, it’s more than enough for any man to feel like *Bitch, he’s the MAN*.

art 1

Artist: Chahaya Saleha


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