Waiting for a REVOLUTION

What « SEXTREMISM » is about?


Artist: Oksana Schachko

Sextremism is a real-time women’s rebellion. Happening NOW. It is a suicide. To be born again. Sextremists never follow the rules. Especially, the sexual rules.

First, it’s a way to MOCK patriarchy.

Second, it’s a way to RUIN all the phallocratic rituals.

Third, it’s a way to PICTURE out a scandal.

Fourth, it’s a way to BECOME a «slut» they hate so bad: the ONE they want to fuck.

Fifth, it’s a way to APPEAR as YOU really ARE.

It is just A WAY… for the FUTURE.

Being a sextremist is being a Truth Seeker.

Maybe we will not start this revolution… but! We will do everything we can to help people SEE the real face of society. A face that is saying that it wants to help us… but! Puts a knife in our backs the moment we turn around. We will take off the masks of those who want to fool us.We are here to inspire and to encourage other women to start a revolution.

We have to warn you that this revolution will not be a non-violent one.It will be like any other revolution. There will be victims. Maybe we’re gonna be the first attacked. Actually, we already are. History shows to us that revolutions are always very bloody.

We think that after this revolution, women will take back the power they lost during Inquisition Times.

When society was burning women without any reason except saying :”She’s a witch!”

(More information here: https://www.nfb.ca/film/burning_times/)

We are the granddaughters of the witches who were burned at the stake.

We believe in a society that will not oppress women sexually, juridically, financially.

We believe that we will live for a certain period of time in a more balanced society.

We believe that women will eventually take the power in their hands.

We hope that women will not forget all the years of modern slavery they went threw.

We hope that they will not put men in the same conditions.

We hope that women will be more wise.

We want women to start an equal society.

As women, we’re in such deep shit right now, that we have no time to wait.

We need to rise up and to stand up from our knees.

We need to fight for what we BELIEVE and what we DESIRE.

For ourselves and for our children.

Unfortunately, the present order in society doesn’t think. About the future. About it’s children. About our nature. About the people.





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